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Operations Manager Needed @ Almour Foods

Application Deadline: 17-01-2019

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Full Time
Category : Admin/Human Resources Expected Salary : ₦150,000.00K Experience(s) : 2 Year


To oversee and strategize the operations of the business from the start of production to the distribution point (clients), ensuring the implementation and improvement of processes. Generating the finance standpoint of the business and forecasting for the smooth operation of each department.

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(Last Updated On: January 22, 2019)

Job Title: Operations Manager

Location: Lekki

Reports To: MD

Main Purpose of Position: To oversee and strategize the operations of the business from start of production to the distribution point (clients), ensuing the implementation and improvement of processes. Generating the finance stand point of the business and forecasting for smooth operation of each departments.

Key Result Areas/Activities       

 Sales Support

  • Ensure generated orders are delivered within the stipulated time to clients.
  • Ensure seamless fulfillment of sales orders. Provide sales team with all the operational support to hit their target.
  • Follow up on all stores payments with the Sales Optimizer.

People Management    

  • Define and regularly liaise quality procedures to operating staff.
  • Supervise the activities of the production, Finance, Sales and Logistics departments to ensure alignment in work process.
  • Ensure quality control and efficient work flow.
  • Ensure that lab cleanliness and safety standards are maintained.
  • Ensure all standards and processes are adhered to.
  • Initiating and fostering a spirit of cooperation within and between units
  • Establishing priorities; monitoring progress; revising schedules; resolving problems
  • Implement, maintain and manage an effective system of controls throughout the company, covering non-financial as well as financial controls


  • Preparation of monthly financial statements, bank reconciliation, P & L report etc.
  • Preparation of daily and weekly sales report, financial transaction reconciliation (Bank & POS) track all account receivable and payables.
  • Preparation of various performance analysis reports.
  • Ensure compliance with monthly and annual remittances, preparation of salaries.
  • Ensures operations and integrity of the departmental accounts payable are delivered effectively and efficiently.
  • Reconcile and resolve discrepancies on intermediary transactions and ensure seamless payments
  • Present analysis monthly to determine the ratio between net profit to operating expenses and control indirect expenses

Inventory Control           

  • Ensure seamless fulfillment of sales orders.
  • Ensure timely and accurate stock record.
  • Provides production information by compiling, initiating, sorting, and analyzing production
  • Maintains work flow by monitoring steps of the process
  • Ensure adequate products storage and store maintenance
  • Ensure timely and accurate daily Inventory Stock

Planning and Buying     

  • Schedule orders and tasks accordingly to ensure prompt delivery and disbursement.
  • Understand stock cycles to forecast bear and bull periods.
  • Ensure proper process is followed in submission of order requisition.
  • Ensure that the operations functions of the company are run effectively and efficiently so that each operational division performs in terms with their strategic plan, developmental plan and operational plan objectives
  • Ensure monthly reports and other performance analysis documentations are prepared by all department heads.

Process and Product Improvement        

  • Ensure all finished product status including recording raw material, in process and finished product inspection are documented and sent to MD.
  • Ensure all Quality Assurance documentation and procedures are regularly reviewed and improved upon.
  • Reporting results of the processing flow on production summaries
  • Implement appropriate improvement solutions to Increase efficiency and reduce production error
  • Planning schedules to ensure timely scheduling of maintenance and servicing of machines

Key Performance Indicators

  • 100% adherence to policies and process.
  • 100% availability of products at all times.
  • Ensure prompt submission of daily, weekly and monthly Sales records.
  • 100% adherence to quality procedure and hygiene codes
  • 100% adherence to production timelines
  • Ensure efficient and effective interdepartmental workflow
  • 0% posting errors.
  • 100% timely report generation on weekly/ monthly
  • At least 90% of preventive action request
  • 0% discrepancies on accounting process
  • 100% fulfillment to orders
  • 100% adherence to product and quality process and procedures.
  • Proper documentation of technical test and reports.


 Personality Profile and experience

An organised individual who is keen on details, quality and efficiency, A critical thinker, analytical, teachable, charismatic, optimistic, and proactive with 2 years experience in accounting or business related fields


  • Ability to effectively manage and foster team members
  • Ability to promptly decipher issues at hand, determines its importance, devise alternative solutions and resolve it accordingly
  • Ability to relate every activity planned or conducted to the bottom line
  • Must interacts effectively with team members, maintaining open lines of communication to ensure she stays informed about production progress and brewing problems
  • Ability to schedule activities and maximize time while ensuring to meet all deadlines
  • Capacity to take the lead and supervise a project from start to finish without supervision

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